ECG Race

ECG race Game menu
ECG race game menu
So many people in the healthcare and medicine field need to know at least ECG basics. Medical and nursing students, doctors and ambulance workers, nurses, paramedics and therapists can benefit from taking a quick look at the patient’s ECG or telemetry monitor strip.

The Heart Evidence team would like to merge the effortless fun of game playing and the task of learning ECG basics. We have introduced our first game, “The ECG race ” to our readers and visitors. We released for Android and hope to translate it for iPhone platform later. Are you interested in taking the game for a spin? Do you have any suggestions how to make the game more interesting? Or any ideas for other games to help make the study of medicine more productive and fun? Let us know!

There are countless books, study guides and web pages to help developing the ECG interpretation skill. And yet we often find it challenging to recall the books ‘ pages and apply the rules from those books when holding an actual cardiogram in our hands. We marvel the skill of our senior colleagues who seem to be able to take just a quick look at the monitor to confirm a serious arrhythmia or signs of a heart attack. To achieve that level of ECG mastery we need hours and hours of time, dozens of ECG recordings and lots of experience. This seems like a daunting task that we are not looking forward too. Yet we enjoy playing games on our smartphones and tablets, easily remembering the game rules and layouts. So let’s put it together, game, fun and learning. Here it comes, our first edu-game!

Please let us know by leaving a comment on this site! And don’t forget to join our subscribers list so we can let you know when the game is ready! Just click on the button below to subscribe for our app notifications and take pride of trying this game for free.

The game has been published on Google Play - enjoy!
– The ECG Race team


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    1. Thank you for your comment, Ali! We plan to add more Evidence based content to the HeartEvidence site and continue with the game soon - stay tuned!


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