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Healthcare providers using the information should exercise their own clinical judgement when applying any of the information or software products/applications provided. We inform about but do not endorse any specific guidelines, products, vitamins or supplements, therapeutic or diagnostic modalities.

Heartevidence site authors have taken every reasonable effort to ensure accuracy of the information provided at time of its publication. However, constant flow of new medical data and changing guidelines from different national and international bodies may create discrepancies between the information provided here and the respective medical authorities.

Consumers should be aware that constant flow of new and updated medical information makes it impossible to provide a comprehensive review of any given topic in one article, Healthcare providers and consumers alike should seek knowledge and confirmation of any given fact from multiple sources, crossreferencing the information to obtain a comprehensive picture of any particular procedure, treatment or diagnostic modality before using it in their practice.

While we believe the information published here is coming from trusted and reliable medical sources we cannot warrant the accuracy of the data published on our site. Your use of the information provided through our site is solely your responsibility. We do not accept any liability for use or misuse of the information provided here, including medical procedures, medications, diet and supplements, ideas or instructions provided to you on our site, through our publications or advertisements placed on our site. We do not review or endorse any product advertised on our site through Google ads service or third-party advertising services. The content of the advertising material is a sole responsibility of the advertised product manufacturers or promoters.

Guest authors and commentators

We welcome guest posts and comments from our readers and guest authors. Our guest authors however may or may not have medical training. The opinions of our guest authors and commentators are solely of those contributors. They may contain information which has not been reviewed or approved by any medical authority. Do not consider those opinions as a medical advice.

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Copyright holders

We take every effort to acknowledge the original sources of the materials published on our site and provide references to them at the end of each article. If you believe any of the information provided on our site has violated your copyright, please let to us know via email and we will correct the problem.

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