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Should we all take pills?

Pills we take Article by: Alice Green The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals. Dr. William Osler Worldwide so many people are on some kind of pill. Are you on a pill and for what? I am so happy I don’t have to take a pill for anything. I just spent this past weekend at the hospital with my dad. He has congestive heart failure, type II diabetes and hypertension. Before going home, he was prescribed more medication to add to his list. On his list of medications, three of them treat the symptoms of his conditions and the other four are treating the contraindications of the medications. Why is there a need for so many pills and should we hold fast to the pill? Are we giving the pill more power than it deserves in our lives? Are pills really that effective? Let’s look for an answer together in a book by Dr. Jerry Avorn "Powerful Medicines". He suggests in his book: “When a new drug is first marketed little i